Venice. The city of canals, of love, of boats, of vast mobs of tourists, the Amsterdam of the South (Amsterdam is the Venice of the North, so why not the other way around?). One begins to wonder when walking the streets if anyone actually lives in or is from the city. Wandering the alleys and the canals, you hear English, Russian, French… almost anything but Italian. The place is now a kind of adult Disneyland, full of museums and art, but devoid of anything resembling modern life. Or so it would seem to the casual observer.

But first, Verona

We were in Venice twice. Once just my wife and myself. We were staying at an Airbnb in Verona, where we got to witness the balcony from which Juliet once opined, “Wherefore art thou Romeo!” The balcony at the House of Capulet was built about 3 centuries after Shakespeare wrote the play, and was actually built specifically for the tourist appeal. Italians already caught on that people were looking for a balcony, so they built them a balcony! And now also a bronze statue, whose tit you rub and you get good luck… it’s quite shiny now you know.

house of capulet juliet verona

the fair golden breasts of Juliet

Verona is definitely a town worth visiting, especially if you can see a concert there. They have a coliseum there too, right in the middle of the scenic and tightly packed old town, where they still hold concerts, festivals, and other performances. Just no Christians getting eaten by lions, unfortunately.