Big Ben and Parliament

Big Ben and the home of the British Parliament behind it

Us Americans take our passports for granted. We can travel to most countries of the world without a visa, and oftentimes without even filling in a form about where we’re staying or why we’re there. It’s probably the main reason I’d rather not give up my citizenship, even though I haven’t lived Stateside for 8 years. Granted, with citizenship also comes a constant fear of the IRS and wondering how much I should care about Obamacare requiring me to buy American insurance—and then not caring after my umpteenth Czech beer and impending liver failure.

I’m long of the opinion that a lot of our immigration worries would actually be resolved if we made immigration easier and not harder. Freedom of movement has long been the pillar of economists on every side of the divide.

In Capitalist theory, as everyone from Smith to Friedman has noted, without freedom of movement the workers are left without a point of market negotiation. The serf who was tied to the land had to accept the abominable conditions enforced by his master, regardless of the humanity of it. He had to idly watch his wife get raped or his children conscripted, else there would be no land, no job, no food and they would all suffer, starve, and die. By being able to relocate to a manor or job-provider who can offer better employment terms, it gives labor a huge bargaining chip.

Foreign banks and local prisons

Without freedom of movement, labor is enslaved. Remember that when thinking about immigration, because one day, for your job, you might have to emigrate, and you will be all the hypocrite for it. In fact, Americans do have to move around lots, from city to city and state to state. Imagine having better opportunities across the globe, wouldn't you move?But back to the subject at hand.

The British immigration system. It has taught me that government services run by the government, might not be such a bad idea. Privatization just means charging everyone more money, milking a failing system, and pissing everyone off in the process. The British care so much about illegals immigrating into their country, that they’ve actually outsourced the visa process to a private company, called TLS Contact, part of the Teleperformance Group. The Teleperformance Group ironically has a board made up of Frenchmen, Portuguese, Chinese, and people of other nationalities and citizenships. Normally I wouldn’t think much of that in any large, multinational corporation, but when you are outsourcing your visa process and border security to a group that has no borders, nor concern for your borders—except in the aforementioned serfdom situation—then I think a red flag should be raised. Especially when this was the primary mover and argument for the government to depart from the European Union, while doing a bit of the above in regards to privatization.