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Shawn Basey

Who is Saint Facetious?

Writer, musician, and so on

Saint Facetious is my long-time nom-de-blogue. Originally from the USA, I left my cozy, posh life for the Peace Corps a long time ago, where I got stock somewhere along the international date line and ended up married to a Georgian, with whom I've got a wonderful little toddler and destroyer of worlds. 

I'm the author of some horror fiction (How It Ends and Hunger) as well as two travel books that are somewhat collections of my Czechia-based travel blogs. You can find them on Amazon under A Facetious Guide


I used to keep up a regular blog about traveling, but since I've had a kid that's taken up a lot less of my time. So now I've decided to refocus a bit and share all facets of my life, from traveling, to writing, to playing music, and the other projects I'm a part of.

Enjoy the blogs? Support me by buying a book, a music album, or just leave some tasty morsels in the comments sections.

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