I was recently contact by Romanian reporter Oana Silviana about doing an interview on her up-and-coming site, A Fairytale Traveler, which seeks to highlight the nomad culture and those who are a part of it. She thought me interesting enough to feature, so read on: "When I first read Shawn’s website I thought he definitely has more than a simple story to tell. I discovered in him more than a simple traveller and also I discovered that miles away or near you, the people behind these stories create the magic called LIFE.

Shawn Basey is a writer and a blogger who travelled to over 50 countries and he is still counting. He's written two books available on Amazon and keeps up a blog at www.saintfacetious.com writing about all those places he's seen.

When he's not traveling, he's busy playing accordion in a band in Prague, writing children's stories for a Czech app company called Lipa, or just sitting back and drinking beer or coffee.

When he was younger, he dreamt about seeing Russia. And he grew up reading all the fantasy books, so Europe was on his list. He learned Latin, then Russian, then finally went to Moscow and Petersburg.

The traveling hit him when he went to visit his friends in Honduras, seeing how they lived while volunteering in the Peace Corps. Only then he understood how travelling could be a reality for him. He learned how it was possible, and began to write. But this was only a step in his beautiful journey.

Encouraged by his wife, he published „Hunger”, a collection of stories based on physical starvation. The spiritual meaning of his book is mostly illustrated in the last two stories of the collection.

I call Shawn a true travel dreamer, between his own reality, fiction and what magic means in his world. I discovered in him a Fairytale Traveller who felt in love with life more than anything, a life that is a mixture of writing, traveling, singing and sharing his stories with the world. Shawn believes that music helps you lift the illusion of life, takes the weighty layer off of it for just a moment. For him it is a creative expression. But the most creative expression is what leaves behind."

Click here and read the interview!


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