It was certainly a terrible time to go hiking in the mountains.

Though I guess they’re not really mountains, just the best that Czechia has to offer. It’s still a sight, but not the mind-numbing craggy peaks of the Alps or the Caucasus. It makes for a great day trek out of Prague though, for those here longer term and needing a breath of air outside the city. The area where I’m referring to is Krkonossky national park, but there are loads of beautiful nature walks all through the Czech Republic.

Krkonossky narodni park

Perfect hiking weather

Tools of the Trade

Before I get into my own journey, here’s a few good tools to have if you want to make your trekking easy and painless.

The best thing I can think of, perhaps even better than driving, is to take the mass transit out of Prague. Take a train or a bus to your preferred hiking location. For that, it’s best to have Google Maps and an Internet connection. Google Maps for the most part, will refer to you what bus or train agency you’ll need. The two most common are Student Agency for the buses and Cesky Drahy for the trains, both of which have apps with booking and schedules.

The second part is to figure out where exactly you’ll be hiking.