We simply walked up and bought a ticket.

Our timing with the mainland castles wasn’t that great, so hopefully it would be better with the off-land castles. We were headed to Ischia.

“I thought you said this would be cheaper,” my wife asked me when we finally settled on the back of the boat.

“I thought it was, at least, the website said it was cheaper,” I replied, staring at my ticket quizzically, trying to take in with my best gander the 18-euro price tag that was on the ticket. That was theoretically almost the there and back price.


After a more rigid search on ye ole Google, I found that there are actually two boats that go to Ischia. One was a super-fast hydrofoil, and the other a slow boat. The hydrofoil was set to take 1 hour, while the regular ferry typically took 1.5 hours. Not a big difference, and to be honest, 7 euros wasn’t a big difference in cost either. But it is when you are two people and really trying to stretch your eurocents.


view of Naples from the ferry

There are two main ferry lines (and a bunch of others), and all have an updated schedule here. And though you can buy it online, we had no problem in the off-season buying it when we wanted to go, but the ferries were nearly full even then, so if you’re going on-season, I would highly suggest buying online. The