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This site uses affiliate links from some products and services. That means every time you click through those affiliate links, and you buy something, I get a little bit of a commission. It's not much. It's not even enough to keep up this site. Which means it's not even enough to sway my opinions on things.


When I hypertext something, claim something, or review something, it means that I personally use that product or service and am putting down an honest statement about it. In the interest of transparency, when, in the text of the article there is an affiliated link, I will always have a note leading to this explainer page at the bottom.

To the left, I've listed all companies that I have current affiliations with, or post advertisements from that do not lead to products I have made (but do lead to products or services I endorse and I receive money from).

That said, if you're a company and you want to bribe me with lots of free stuff so that I can mention you in my humble blog, I'm more than happy to take what you have. Please send me an email if you would like to get in touch. But a brief warning, I am and will always be honest in my representation, and I will always note when I'm getting a paid or free service. 


Sites with affiliated links:


American Tourister

Bric's Milano





Swim Steal's



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