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When traveling, one of the most important things you can have to make your life easier is a cell phone. I can’t tell you how helpful having a good one has been, from wandering the alleys of Fez in Morocco, to finding a quick hotel in Salzburg, it’s a tool that is simply amazing for the modern traveler. I remember being in Moscow before the advent of the smartphone, and comparing that to my travels now, it’s really unlocked the world.

However, having a good smartphone comes with a price.

It can get stolen and it can get broken.

There’s not much you can do about the first situation, then just keeping your wits about you. But there is a lot to do about the second. You should certainly have a protective case of some kind, and an extra layer of tempered glass in place.

I already had both of those in place, but to quite a boring design. For about the same price as a case anyway, you can go the extra measure and get it truly personalized.

This is my first time getting a kind of sponsorship. When I got in the email word from that they’d ship me a free sample of their product for a review, I jumped at it. It’s really quite exciting. Especially when it was about getting a new personalized case for my phone.

Of course, I went with the Saint Facetious logo design, which came from the cover of my book, How It Ends.

I got my wife a new phone case a while ago. But for Samsung. Samsung cases, like Apple cases, are super easy to find, both customized and bare. The selection of custom phone cases that GoCustomized offers is a lot wider though, and was happy to see that it included my Moto Z (though a Moto Z Force, rather than a Moto Z Play, but the sizes are the same and it fits fine), which is not an easy phone to find a useful case for, let alone a customized one.

From customization and order to delivery here in Prague, it took about one week, so that was a pretty quick turnaround time. It helps that they print it not far away, over in Amsterdam, but the printing turnaround time is really quick.

custom phone cases

is that the same hand model featured on Zoolander?

The case as you can see, is the gel type. It’s pretty thin and sleek and doesn’t give too much extra body to the phone, though it does feel like it gives a good padding to the edges and the corners. The quality itself actually feels better than the generic gel cover that I had on the phone before.

the case is cool, but I mean, look at that hand!

The design print is high quality and exactly what I had asked for, which is my logo and the cover to my How It Ends novel. It really is picture perfect, with no pixelization or anything, and everything, from buttons to plugins, fit snugly and work. Where the design is placed feels like a rubber material, so it offers a good grip.

I can firmly get behind this product, and when I or a friend need another phone case, I won’t hesitate to suggest the site. The case is certainly staying on my phone.

Don't hesitate to check it out for yourself:

Here’s a little video of my opening and my first thoughts:

Disclaimer: I did get this case for free, but I wasn't compensated otherwise for this blog. And everything I said/typed here is 100% true. Any more questions, or if you're a business looking for plugs, here's our policy.

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