I’ve been down to South Louisiana so many times that I never bothered to do the really touristy things, like go on tours. I’ve family there, so why would I do a tour or go to a museum or something? The most touristy thing I’ve done is do a crawl down Bourbon Street, which isn’t even that overly alien of a thing for the locals either. So when I was there with my wife, who had never been, I decided we should get the whole experience. And there are some fantastic things to do, too.

The two tours any visitor should look into doing is a swamp tour and a plantation tour.

On a swamp tour, you ride around in a small open boat that fits maybe twenty people. The tour operator trawls through the mangroves, swipes away the Spanish moss and hunts down some cheap thrills with the local gator life.

heron on Lake Martin

common sight on a swamp tour

The plantation tour is by far the more important tour of the two, and one every American, especially every white American, should do. It’s sad though that the most people on that tour we saw were Germans, Japanese, and so on, where foreigners are getting a more well-rounded history than even many of the local folk.

You can do either of these tours from pretty much anywhere in South Louisiana. They’re much cheaper of course if you have your own car, but they’ll usually provide transportation if necessary. If you’re two or more people, I’d seriously look into renting a car and driving out to the swamp or plantation yourself, as you’ll easily save fifty dollars or more on that (depending on how many people you are). And then you can stop in a village and stock up on all that Cajun food I was talking about in the other blog.

Swamp Tour