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Czechia is more than just Prague. It's also full of beautiful villages, amazing castles, wine(?!), and bears! Discover this along with feces-flinging sieges, dildo-shaped monuments, and a Communist-themed astronomical clock. All in my newest book, A Facetious Guide to Czechia. The book is full of hilarious trivia, travel tips, royal histories, and all the best places to visit for a day trip or an overnight from Prague. Plus includes lots of links to Googlemaps.

I'm giving away the Kindle version right now FOR FREE.

Why am I giving it away for free?

Because an ingenious marketing plan. The more I give away my book, the less people will buy it! Oh, wait, no that's a terrible idea. But actually, there's some truth to it. The Kindle algorithm weighs it as a better seller than all those other folks who didn't give away their books.

Believe me, it worked for my A Facetious Guide to Prague. That one is still selling like beer on a hot day, simply because – with the help of all my lubbly dubbly readers – I was able to boost it up in the ranks.

But I need one more favor. Not only do I ask that you take my book for free, but please, PLEASE, PLEASE take a moment to leave a review.

So download it now FOR FREE on Kindle, for a limited time. Even if you don't have a Kindle, you can read it on the free Kindle app for your Android or iPhone. Actually it works better that way, since there's a ton of map links.

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